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Kasidy Yates Sisko
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Little Cerin1 Nalas, from earlier posts here (New Friend?, Gullible or Skeptical?).

by mortimermcmirestinks at DeviantArt.

1) OOC: Version of Mika's child for Kasidy's journal's continuity.

Title: The Life That Is Waiting
Author: lunabee34
Summary: At first, every time the wormhole opens Kasidy holds her breath and waits for Benjamin to appear. She spends most of her free time on the Promenade with Jake, one arm around his shoulders and the other cradling the curve of her belly, watching the cosmos fracture again and again through a viewport. But Ben never comes.

It seems people are writing biographies of me now--this one is pretty good. It left out the whole spy plot with Damar, Rahl Anja, and Kilby, but I guess quite a lot of that never became public knowledge anyway. Much less that time Ezri ended up in the Mirror universe, or the visits with natoth_muse and _cheshirecat...

I make no comment on Ambassador Troi's involvement. All I will say is that if it had happened that way, I would not have objected.

Title: What You Know
Author: beatrice_otter
Summary: prompt: "finding out about Sarah Sisko and the Sarah Prophet"

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Which are you more afraid of: Being too gullible and believing things that aren't true, or being too skeptical and missing out on something important?

Little Nalas is playing on the floor. His mother looks as if she's got something on her mind.Collapse )

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The little boy peaked around the door of his mother's shop, bright eyes darting about. He dashed out onto the front walk, picked up his lost ball, and stared at the pretty lady and the baby on the terrace next door.

"Hello," said Kasidy. She gave another biscuit to her daughter, seated snugly in the baby stroller beside her cafe table, and smiled at the boy. Rachel grabbed at the biscuit and began gummily chewing on it.

The little boy, about two, tucked his ball under his arm and looked out at her from large dark eyes. "Hi," he whispered back.

He looked too young to be playing in the street, but this was a quiet section of the village, down at the end of a side street leading to the main market. Kasidy liked to come here to eat for just that reason. There were fewer people to throng her and the Emissary's child. She hadn't yet been inside the store next to the cafe, where brightly-coloured streamers of fabrics from all over the quadrant hung in the windows. Kasidy looked around for a parent and didn't see one.

"Does your mommy know you're out here?" she asked. He shook his head. "Maybe you should go back and see her."

He shook his head again. "Pretty baby," he said, pointing at Rachel.

"Thanks." Kasidy was charmed. He really was a cute kid.

"My mommy says--"

"Nalas! Nalas, where are you?" A worried young woman burst out of the fabric store. "Oh, there you are. What are you do--" She saw Kasidy and pulled up short. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mrs. Emissary! I didn't mean for him to bother you! I'm sorry!" She quickly snatched the little boy from the walk.

"It's okay," said Kasidy. "I think he came out looking for his ball."

The woman still looked flustered. "He should be inside. I told him to stay inside--" She turned quickly back towards the store.

"He was really no trouble," Kasidy started to say, when the light caught the little Bajoran boy's face. Surprised, she stared for just a moment, long enough for the mother to whisk the child back inside and close the door.

Little Nalas was half Cardassian.

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I realized the other day that Rachel is standing up--almost walking!--and has three teeth, but I haven't posted here in long enough that none of you have seen baby pictures. I'm very sorry, and hope to remedy that in this post. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Rachel Jadzia Sisko, one month (First Contact Day, 2376)

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Deep Space Nine
Habitat Ring
2317 h

It is late. Kasidy comes quietly into the Siskos' quarters on the station, where she and Ben are staying temporarily while they visit friends. She puts the sleeping baby Rachel down in the bedroom, then comes over to the computer and opens her journal.

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Holopictures of Rachel coming soon.

Ben and I are talking about taking a trip to DS9, to see Ezri and Nerys and Julian and Beriani and everyone. Jake, who's been here helping out for the last few weeks, is going to move back into his quarters on the Station and try to get some writing done. Anyway, while Rachel's sleeping, I thought I'd do a meme. (Na'Toth, my dear, I'm afraid our affair will have to be put on hold now that Ben's back. *wink*)

Meme--'What Do You Think of Your Friends?'Collapse )

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