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Ahh, young love (for BR again)

Kasidy beams back up to her ship for the return run to DS9. She's still a bit tired from her adventures in politics, but feels strangely rejuvenated after her visit from a strange young girl yesterday afternoon.

She hears voices coming from the mess hall as she steps out of the transporter room and down the short hallway.

"So what's this missile-plant thing again, Kilby?" It's one of the Bajoran crewmen who's been hired since Kilby did this last year. Kasidy grins.


"Right, right, whatever. What's the point of hanging it over a door?" Scattered laughter from whoever else is in the mess hall.

"Well, when you see a pretty girl--"

Brathaw breaks in. "You try to hit on her and fail." More laughter.

Kilby ignores him. "When you see a pretty girl walk under the mistletoe at this time of year, especially someone you can't get out of your mind...well, you do this."

Kasidy rounds the corner and stops dead. Her first officer and engineer are engaged in a passionate embrace in the doorway to the mess hall, to the applause and great amusement of Brathaw, Kerry-Edwards, and several other crewmembers. Her jaw drops and she grins.

Well, now, good for them. I didn't think Stadi was ever going to do anything about it.

"Break it up, you two."

Grinning, the pair separates. "Welcome back, Kas."

Kasidy smirks. "Doesn't look like you missed me much."

"Oh, we did," says Brathaw. "Kilby's absolutely no use now that he's gone all romantic on us. I don't know what we're going to do when he's captain."

And on that note... Kas grimaces to herself, but tries not to let it show.

"Actually, Kilby, I've got something I need to talk to you about..."
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