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Moving day (for ezri_tigan_dax)

Kasidy stands in her quarters on the station. Today is moving day. It's not as though she's actually taking very much with her down to Bajor; most of the furniture and household items in the house are new, and what she is moving has mostly been taken on previous runs. And she's keeping her quarters on the station for now, because she'll still be spending time here over the next few months. But today she's taking the last few boxes of clothes, and the small personal items that mark this as home. After today, the house in the Yolja Valley will be "home," and DS9 just a stop on a freight run.

She thinks of all the things that have happened here, and how much this hunk of Cardassian metal has come to mean to her over the last four years. DS9 was the first place in a long time that she'd settled down. She'd spent quite a few years before that living on her ship, going where fate and good shipping jobs took her. Meeting people like Kilby and making her way in the galaxy. Then she stopped over at this station, and ended up with a job and a romance that between them had changed her life.

She picks up the statue natoth_muse gave her, and puts it in her bag with Ben's baseball. She checks the bedroom once more for stray items, and makes sure the guest room is made up in case Jake needs to stay over for some reason.

Before she leaves, she checks the comm system one more time. The message waiting for her from the interuniversal community makes her smile at how appropriate it is.

What was the last year like for me?

I guess any year that brings the end of a war is pretty momentous. I started this year, as most of the Federation did, very worried that 2375 would see the end of our lives as we knew them and the beginning of the rule of the Dominion. I knew how badly it was going for Starfleet. I didn't know the classified details, but I could see the stress on Ben's face when he came home after tactical meetings with Admirial Ross and Chancellor Martok, and I could read the posted lists of casualties just like anybody else.

The end of the war came so quickly that it surprised me. One moment Ben was planning for a top-secret mission and a large number of starships were docking at the station, and the next Cardassia was in ruins and the Founder was signing an armistice. I'm still thankful every day for the end of the war.

This year I got married, became pregnant, and then lost my husband. Even if there hadn't been a war on, 2375 would have been a big year for me. After being with Ben for four years, it wasn't a shock to get married, but it was wonderful being proposed to and getting to be newlyweds for a while. The last six months without him have been very hard. That doesn't mean good things haven't happened. Rachel, my daughter, tops the list; I didn't realize you could love a person as much as I love her, and I haven't even met her yet! I've grown closer to my step-son Jake, too, and I've met some wonderful people both here on DS9 and through this interuniversal community.

I ended this year by accidentally getting caught up in a political scandal, meeting a demigoddess, and watching two of my crew fall in love. I don't know what this next year will bring, but I hope it will bring more peace between Bajor and Cardassia, and more hope for all of us. I hope I learn to be a good mother, and that I settle in to life planetside well.

And I hope to God Kilby doesn't crash the ship.

Kasidy sends off the message, smiling to herself. She comms the ship, where she's meeting ezri_tigan_dax for the trip to Bajor, and takes one last glance around her quarters.

Yates to Xhosa. Ready to beam over.

And she dematerializes, ready to start a new chapter of her life.
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