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Via banik

How much do your LJ friends love you? by ladybugadria
choose one
loves you lotsspacecatkennedy
thinks of you as their best friendcol_kira_nerys
pretends to like youberiani_edenost
wants to move your relationship to the next levelsexyengineer
wants you in bedmurrayofchulak
Loves your quirkinesscounselor_troi
desperately loves to read your journalbanik
Loves you more than you knowangel_support
thinks you are stangequarks_bar
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Very interesting. It's good to know Kennedy likes me--happy birthday, Space Cat, by the way--but I hope Lt. Edenost isn't just pretending. :) As for the folks from the Stargate program-- *raises eyebrow* --I guess I'll let them explain themselves once they finish saving the world again. (Quark? Yes, I know. All hew-mons are strange.)

*looks at list of questions piling up from interuniversal community* I really ought to write some replies, but to be honest this is the first I've been at the computer in a week. Can you believe it? I've been enjoying my time off before the baby comes--sleeping in a little late, spending my afternoons in the small town near here or puttering around the house. It's incredibly peaceful. I met a young woman named Mika in the market; she has a son a little over a year old who she promised to bring to visit some time. She's shy but very sweet.

Well, I'm going to call up Kilby and see how things are going on the ship--it's been a week, after all, that's long enough that he won't think I'm breathing down his neck. (He better be taking good care of it.) And then I think I'll go have a look at the back yard again and try to decide if those are actually alvas grapes growing back there. I hope so; I'm getting a little tired of replicated food, and Jake's on the station so I can't get him to cook.

Brace yourselves for a birth announcement in a few days. Talk to you all soon.
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