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Gullible or skeptical? (old topic from theatrical_muse)

Which are you more afraid of: Being too gullible and believing things that aren't true, or being too skeptical and missing out on something important?

Little Nalas is playing on the floor, building houses with a block-set and intermittently trying to get three-month-old Rachel to play, too. "Ray-shay, Ray-shay," he says, bouncing her baby seat and patting her hands. It means "treehouse" in Bajoran, which makes his mother smile.

His mother is discussing Deep Space Nine with Kasidy, who has just gotten back from the station. Mika looks as if she's got something on her mind. She often looks that way, Kasidy's noticed. "Actually, I never spent much time on the station here," Mika says. "We were...well, you probably heard about it on the news. We were on Empok Nor."

Empok Nor, Terok Nor's sister station, where Gul Dukat had led a pah-wraith cult during the war. Kasidy had heard about it from Kira. Dukat had tried to get the loyal Bajoran members of the cult to commit suicide when his power was threatened, but not before impregnating a Bajoran woman--

Realization dawns on Kasidy's face as she looks at little Nalas, with his muted Cardassian facial ridges.

"He didn't force me, if that's what you're thinking." It's hard to tell if Mika believes that or if she's trying to convince herself of it.

"Then why--" Kasidy bites her tongue. It's a horribly rude thing to ask. How could you sleep with him, after everything he's done?

"He was the Emissary. He was special. And he was so kind to me--I could feel the love of the Pah-Wraiths flowing through him."

It's so strange to hear anyone besides Ben called the Emissary. It's almost a relief--if it weren't Gul Dukat they were talking about. "Do you still believe that?"

"No. The Prophets abandonned us, the Pah-Wraiths betrayed us. I don't believe in anything any more."

"That must be hard for you." I've never really had a faith. But it must be hard to lose something that's as much a part of you as most Bajorans' religion is to them.

Surprised. "Yeah. Yeah, it is."

I wonder if anyone's ever said that to her before? The women in the village think of her as a collaborator and a blasphemer. I can't blame them, but--she's just a scared little girl.

"Sometimes, I...I miss it." Mika is very quiet. "Being part of something larger than myself. We were going to change Bajor, you know. Heal the scars of the Occupation. We were going to show how it should be between Bajorans and Cardassians. If the Pah-Wraiths could change someone like Skr--like Dukat, couldn't their love heal anyone?"

She pauses for a moment. Her face is devoid of emotion when she next speaks. "And then he tried to kill me when he found out the baby was his."

(OOC: Posted 2/27/2012 after several years in the WIP folder. Backdated to approximate right date. Always meant to go somewhere with this plot and never did, but here you go.)
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