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Too many opinons!

News articles from across the planet in the last few days:

Sign From the Prophets?
Prylar Lin Tassar, Celestial Daily

When we lost the Emissary and the Kai several months ago, a great light went out for the Bajoran people. The ones who spoke directly to the Prophets were no longer with us in a time of great uncertainty at the war's end. As we looked to the future, wondering which path to take and which of the many hands outstretched to us to clasp–the Federation's, Cardassia's, our erstwhile Dominion "allies"'–confusion seemed the order of the day.

But at last we have received a clear signal. You know, every one of you in your hearts, that an alliance with Cardassia is a mistake. Oh, they say they only want our help in rebuilding their world. They only want peace, and to work together with us for the common good.

Cardassia Prime, 2325, Legate Terral's speech to the Bajoran people. "We seek only for the development of trade relations and co-operation in a spirit of exploration and friendship..."

Does no one remember?

It seems the Emissary's wife has not forgotten. She knows, as do those who have seen Cardassian aggression over the years and have not been deluded by their present appearance of gentleness, that a weakened snake is still a snake. It may be ill or damaged, but that does not mean that it does not have teeth, and cannot still bite. So in the Emissary's absence, the one closest to him in this life has shown us the path we must take. In sheltering a member of the patriotic Khon-Ma movement, Captain Yates-Sisko shows us that we must resist. We cannot let down our guard and let another Cardassian occupation begin simply because we are tired of the fight.

The Prophets have given us a sign and it would be well for us to heed it.


Bajor, Listen To Yourself
Arran Deena, Rakantha News Digest

All across Bajor in the last few days, I have heard calls to take Captain Kasidy Yates' supposed involvement with the Khon-Ma as some sort of sign from the Prophets. Bajor, listen to yourself.

We got along fine without the Emissary for hundreds of years. He came, he did his job, and now he's gone. Do we really think Bajor can't make its own decisions without the help of an alien? Are we so dependent on outsiders that we grasp at straws to prolong our dependence on Sisko, to the point that we look to an unbelieving freighter captain with reverence? Where is our self-reliance?

Why should we listen to whatever spiritual direction Kasidy Yates has to give us? Who is she? Has she ever spoken to the Prophets? Had a vision or an Orb experience? Studied in a monastery? From everything she's ever said in public, this is someone who (like so many in the Federation) doesn't even believe in the Prophets. But people say we should follow her above the vedeks and the Kai just because she's the lover of the Emissary. By that reasoning, everyone whose friend or sibling was a cleric would have the same spiritual insight as the one they spent time with. Do we want to give spiritual status to every officer who served with Benjamin Sisko in the war?

It's no secret that many, including our former Kai, had doubts about Benjamin Sisko's legitimacy as the Emissary. Recent events only confirm this: his wife conspires with either violent extremists or the Cardassians, depending who you listen to, and gives nary a consideration for the good-will of the Bajoran people. Are these the actions of someone the Prophets wish to guide us?


Honouring Heroes
Jemma Nalas, Jalanda City Voice

They say the Wife of the Emissary is part of the Khon-Ma as if this is something bad. "They're extremists," people say. "We're at peace now." But it was the Resistance, of which the Khon-Ma was a part, who gave us this peace in the first place! Suddenly, because we want to make a good impression on the Federation, no one wants to remember the great debt we owe to the ones who drove out the Cardassians. Even the First Minister, himself a former Resistance leader–or does no one remember the Shakaar cell?–makes more reference to keeping peace with Legate Damar than to his history on Bajor. Is this any way to treat our heroes?


Good grief. How did Ben ever deal with this? How did he handle people having a thousand different opinions of who he was and what he should do? None of them know the real me or even what happened!

I almost prefer "Freighter captain Yates, 32, to appear for sentencing on Friday in connection with the defection of Starfleet officer Michael Eddington." At least I'd done that, for God's sake!
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