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First Minister's offices, Bajor (locked to legate_damar and yevir_linjarin)

First Minister Shakaar Edon paces up and down the open meeting room, stretching his long legs and working off some nervous energy. It is 1130 hours, and the sun is shining brightly on the jumja trees outside the windows. It is summer in this hemisphere now, and it always does him good to see the beauty of the Bajoran capital city in full bloom. Lately he has been too preoccupied to notice it much; ever since the post-war negotiations with the Cardassians fell through because of an attack, things have been going from bad to worse. Shakaar snorts, and thinks that if he were to tell the truth, things have been going from bad to worse since he agreed to neutrality with the Dominion. Not that the rest of his life had been easy, but true diplomacy was never harder than when Dukat was in charge of the space station again and he had to deal with him as an ally.

A cool breeze from the waterfall across the square blows across his face as he leans on the window ledge, and he sighs. Ironically, of course, it was that temporary alliance with the Dominion that put Bajor on the same side as Cardassia. When the Federation and its allies won the war, Bajor was not one of the conquering armies that invaded Cardassian soil. Perhaps this made it easier for the recovering Cardassian government to open talks with Bajor again; certainly Damar's resistance to the Dominion at the end earned him a few allies on Bajor. And things were going well--as well as they could be--before all hell broke loose.

Two-thirds of the way through his six-year term of office, Shakaar has learned to balance the part of his mind that trained to kill Cardassians on sight with the part that wants peace for his people. Damar is not the man Dukat was; but there are still times when Shakaar wakes up from dreams of years ago, dreams he doesn't share with anyone because too many of his people dream the same nightmares.

But today's meeting is a little different. The Emissary's wife is coming to meet with him--and with Damar. Like most Bajorans, Shakaar's religion is important to him. He believes in the Emissary--all the more because Winn never did--and is grateful for all the times he's worked with him in politics. But the latest rumours are disturbing; if the Emissary's wife is working against the peace, what does that mean for Bajor? He has never really dealt with the woman, and doesn't know if she is as trustworthy as her husband, or if the faith the populace has placed in her is misguided or not. But the fact remains that people will listen to her.

He takes a seat in a chair at the head of the long table (one of his aides has set it with cookies and red-leaf tea), stretching his legs out before him. He hopes, as he waits for Vedek yevir_linjarin, legate_damar, and Captain kasidy_yates, that the Emissary's wife is worthy of the trust people put in her. And that she's not really working with the Khon-Ma...
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