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Kasidy Yates Sisko
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Who would you like to see get their final comeuppance? Who is it and just what would you do with them?Collapse )

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"Are you all right, Kilby?" Kasidy, a mug of tea in her hand, stops by a table in the mess hall of the Xhosa. Her first officer is slumped over a cup of raktajino, looking glum.

"Yeah, I'm..." He waves a hand dismissively. "Fine, really." He swirls the drink in the bottom of his cup aimlessly for a moment. "Tem Reon's dead."

"The Khon-Ma man?"

Yeah.Collapse )

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Got back to the station this morning to find the place in an uproar. Not over Na'Toth and Damar's duel, as I'd worried, but over the deaths of some Khon-Ma and True Way members. It looks like the two extremist groups were working together. And something went wrong between them–if anyone's surprised by that, they're living in a cave.

I have a bad feeling that Rahl Anja (the woman I was supposed to transport to Bajor) and Tem Reon (the man who Kilby says beamed her off the ship) were involved with this. Apparently I'm not the only one who's come to this conclusion–or the only one who thinks I had something to do with her getting free.

What's next, Galaxy Gab?Collapse )

What in the GALAXY?!

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I'm not quite sure why my mun finds this so hilarious. She's laughing hardest over the choices for C-3PO and R2D2. Why do Vedek Yevir and Mr. Bunny remind her of a pair of robots?

If George Lucas Cast Star Wars from Your Friend List, He'd Pick... by athersgeo
Luke Skywalkerlegate_damar
Han Solomurrayofchulak
Princess Leiathursday_e_next
Wedge Antillesnatoth_muse
Obi-Wan Kenobisexyengineer
Darth Vadershaman_x
Grand Moff Tarkinspacecatkennedy
The Emperorv_fontaine
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Oh, and then there's: How Jedi Am I?Collapse )

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Stardate 49376.2 :: Habitat Ring, Deep Space NineCollapse )

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To pick up Kasidy Yates: If I were to ask you for sex... would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?

That sounds about right. :) I'll have to answer that "personal ad" question for theatrical_muse soon; consider this a downpayment.

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For all of my friends in the year 2004 who are fans of the old American baseball team the Red Sox--


Jake tells me this was a big deal for you all that year. Eighty-six years without a win, is that right? No wonder you're happy!

I'm cheering for you from the future! Have fun with the celebrations. :)

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Stardate 50827.6 -- Habitat Ring, Deep Space NineCollapse )

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I'm a little bit drunk, you guys. I know I'm not supposed to drink when I'm pregnant, but what are you supposed to do when you've just realized that you're helping the Cardassians collect info on the Bajorans, and that you're not one hundred percent sure that they're not using it for nefarious purposes? And the Bajorans are depending on you to be a beacon of truth and purity and justice and you don't give a damn but you care like crazy at the same time?

What are you supposed to do when you realize it's the only thing you can do? That if you don't help, if somebody doesn't help, this war everyone fought and died for won't truly be over?

Besides. Besides, this is only synth. Can't hurt Rachel. Which reminds me, actually, of the first time I ever got really drunk....

First time drunk...Collapse )

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LJ Battle Royale! by monmonito
Weapon you got:Revolver
Your goal in the game:To go to the bathroom.
Number of students killed:100
For fun, you kill:sexyengineer
Out of a personal vendetta, you kill:quarks_bar
Accidentally, you kill:major_margaret
You have an alliance with:angel_support
You develop a puppy-love romance with:v_fontaine
Watch out for:thursday_e_next
Percentage of survival possibility:: 17%
Dying words:"Thanks."
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"To go to the bathroom"! catwoman28? Hahaha! Definitely my quest.

And thursday_e_next? I really have been meaning to get back to you! I know you're not the enemy, despite what this meme may say. Hope to see you soon as soon as I get a free moment or two.

In other news--Mark VII transporter. Only three years out of date compared to the Station ones--I'm doing good. I'm nearly ready to thank the Prophets over that--and yes, the 2000 bars of latinum from Morn paid for it nicely.

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