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Kasidy Yates Sisko

Diary of a Freighter Captain

25 May
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These are the personal logs of Kasidy Yates Sisko, freighter captain and wife of Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko, former commander of this space station (Deep Space Nine, United Federation of Planets).

Eight years ago when Ben took the assignment of commanding the Starfleet forces on the Federation's newest starbase, he never expected to be suddenly lauded as the living connection between the Bajoran people and their gods the Prophets. He certainly never expected to end up living in the Celestial Temple--the wormhole between Bajoran space and the Gamma Quadrant--with those same Prophets, the aliens who live (don't ask me how) in the wormhole. And when I met a personable young man named Jake Sisko who said, "You really ought to meet my dad--I think you two would have a lot in common," I never imagined I'd end up married to a key figure in an alien religion--nor, in my wildest dreams, that I would have a child considered to be the symbol of hope and restoration for a whole planet.

But here I am.

Jake and I would like to express our thanks for the kindness and sympathy of our friends following Benjamin's disappearance. Your support was wonderful in the months he was gone. Thank you.

These logs commenced four weeks after Ben's disappearance in the fire caves on Bajor; it is now a little over a year later, and Ben and I are celebrating the birth of our daughter, Rachel Jadzia. We are living in the house Ben designed and I built in the Yolja Valley on Bajor. It's good to have him back, and to not be pregnant anymore--though I wonder which will be a greater adjustment, having a baby or having a husband who's spent a year talking to gods....

Rachel Jadzia Sisko
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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the character of Kasidy Yates belong to Paramount Pictures. No infringement of copyright is intended by the roleplaying of this character in this journal, which is simply an expression of admiration for the character and the world she lives in and an attempt to get inside her head. It is also used for in-character submissions to the theatrical_muse community.

Historian's Note: Though the writer is currently reading the DS9 re-launch novels, such as Avatar and Rising Son, this journal will not necessarily reflect events in those books. I won't rule out mentioning events from the novels (or characters such as yevir_linjarin), but mostly it's yet another post-WYLB DS9 story. Enjoy!